Trudi is an exceptional natural medium who is in high demand. If you would like to book a private one-to-one reading, in person or on the phone (UK only) or via Skype, please use the booking facilities on this site.

Please note: Trudi does not give more than two readings to anyone, as she considers this to be disempowering. Be wary of any medium that is willing to see you on a regular basis, especially if you are paying for this service.

Trudi’s ability to connect with an audience makes her a platform favourite at large events and private intimate occasions. If you would like to book Trudi to appear at a special event please forward your details.

Trudi also teaches psychic and mediumship workshops in a unique, easy to understand way that everyone can learn from, regardless of experience level. Trudi teaches on the responsibility of psychic and mediumistic work and is passionate about raising the standards of information given by psychics and mediums. If you would like to learn how to develop your intuitive abilities, or you would like to receive and deliver better quality information, book your place on the next course.

You will gain an understanding of how Trudi works, and how she gets such factual information. After you have completed the back to basics workshop you can book more advanced workshop courses with Trudi.

Trudi does not teach in large groups. She believes that this enables her to maintain a high standard of teaching, and to help every individual attending.

Due to the high volume of emails that Trudi receives, please allow time for a response.

For information on private readings, event bookings, or media enquiries please contact 07799086139

Trudi is an exceptional natural medium who is in high demand


"Thank-you for an amazing reading!! Things no one else would know and so specific!! Such a lovely lady too"

Shanel Applewhaite

"Trudi is a fantastic medium and teacher, she has a very unique way of teaching, but she gets results"

Barbara Phoenix

"Once again thankyou so much for friday Trudi and sharing your special gift with me"

Michael Fabian