"Thank-you for an amazing reading!! Things no one else would know and so specific!! Such a lovely lady too"

Shanel Applewhaite

"Once again thankyou so much for friday Trudi and sharing your special gift with me. I'm still trying to come back to earth since then. It was an amazing experience and has opened up my mind and heart to the bigger picture in life."

Michael Fabian

"Trudi is a fantastic medium and teacher, she has a very unique way of teaching, But she gets results, her workshops and classes are fun and informative, She works on their confidence as well as their connections to spirit, She has a really good way of explaining things which makes it easier to understand, Her mediumship is second to none, She gets her information so fast she doesn’t stop for breath, She is very fast but extremely accurate"

Barbara Phoenix

"Trudi is a excellent top class medium ; the information she gives to people she has never met there is no way she could possibly know such detailed personal information. I have seen Trudi work many many times and each time I'm left speechless Trudi has been 100% correct every time"

John Edwards

"Trudi - The real deal ,no nonsense or rubbish from this lady. Trudi will tell you like it is ....honest ,straight forward and no frills. Thank you lovely lady for being who you are and speaking your mind. There are those out there who are only interested in the money to be made from people who are seeking some peace. Trudi will give you the truth as she is told ,no ifs ,no buts,just honesty. Love this lady to pieces and know that no one will get "ripped off"'ll get what it says on the box. Thank you my lovely for being you xx"

Lynn Webb

" I first met Trudie quite a few years ago, I've sat in her Circle, watched her doing Platform Work, and had her stay with us for a week. I often wondered how this little Lady could be full of energy and positivity, but soon came to realise that her work with Spirit had much to do with this. Unfortunately we lost contact for a few years, and during this time I lost my beautiful Son. Out of the blue, not so long ago, I came back into contact with Trudie, she knew nothing about the loss of my son. What happened within fifteen minutes of us reconnecting was what I can only describe as amazing. Trudie gave me a reading, a lot of the information she gave me was not common knowledge, I put the phone down later and felt as if I had just been talking to my son, I cried, I smiled, I will be forever greatful for the time, energy, and love Trudie put into this. A beautiful Lady who has a great connection with Spirit, but is fueled by her pure heart."

Caroline Hartley

" Trudi first came to M.S.D.C. quite a few years ago when M.S.D.C. (Maidstone Spiritual Development Centre) was beginning to be recognised. I remember this young girl working for us in the barn at Raigersfeld House. She had such amazing energy and was able to give some excellent mediumship. She also gave a wonderful demonstration of table tipping! We were all amazed at the way the table was moving, she then asked spirit to break the table's leg! The whole event was being video recorded by an engineer who was a non-believer. When the leg broke on the table, the engineer took flight so we never saw the recording! Phenomenal stuff! Have a look at Trudi's website- she's getting on with things and making a name for herself! She's a truly genuine medium with a very kind heart and supports many charities. Keep up the wonderful work Trudi! "

Marian Reader

" Just had a beautiful reading with relatives came through and there was no doubt who they were... the information Trudi gave me from them was amazing and she could not have been more right.. if you want to connect with a departed loved one then medium Trudi is the perfect person to come to."

Kay Stimpson

Trudi is an exceptional natural medium who is in high demand