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Personal Reading via Telephone £20 - 30 mins



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Terms & Conditions:

All private readings and consultations do not in any way constitute personal, legal, financial, medical or any sort of professional advice. By engaging in a private reading, you understand that Trudi does not provide recommendations, advice or give any directions for you to follow. She will not diagnose illnesses or conditions (including questions pertaining to pregnancy and death).

Trudi will provide mediumship services with reasonable care. All spiritual workers are now treated just the same as any trader. If you feel that you have been conned please report the medium to trading standards.

These Terms & Conditions shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of England and Wales (or permitted by applicable law in the country of your domicile). Any disputes arising in connection with these Terms shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

The information contained on this site and provided via Trudi’s reading services do not constitute advice. You should use your own judgment before taking action on the basis of what you have been told. Decisions or actions taken by you, on the basis of information provided via the site, are at your sole risk and discretion.


Once you have booked your reading online or by phone, you have made a commitment. If you are unable to keep your appointment 48 hours notice is required if you want a refund. This must be done in writing by email or phone text only. Failure to cancel a booking within 48 hours will result in full charge.

Refund Policy:

Please note that not everyone will receive a reading at Trudi’s live events. She has no control over who receives messages from loved ones on the day. If you book a private reading with Trudi and she is unable to spiritually connect with you, she will tell you and refund your booking fee.

Trudi is an exceptional natural medium who is in high demand


Trudi, the tattooed medium, lives in County Durham, North East of England, with her three adorable dogs.


"Thank-you for an amazing reading!! Things no one else would know and so specific!! Such a lovely lady too"

Shanel Applewhaite

"Trudi is a fantastic medium and teacher, she has a very unique way of teaching, but she gets results"

Barbara Phoenix

"Once again thankyou so much for friday Trudi and sharing your special gift with me"

Michael Fabian