If you are interested in booking a private reading with Trudi, she suggests that you take a moment to read her honest comments.

“Be very wary of any medium that asks you who you want to contact on the other side. It’s not hard for con artists pretending to be a medium to give you a cold reading with the information that you give them. Any genuine medium will tell you that you can't choose who comes through, or guarantee that anyone will come through at all.

“It’s not possible to ask questions and receive answers from your passed loved one. That’s not how spirit works. If a medium claims that they can see your loved one, ask them to describe their appearance in fine detail. They will have no problem proving this, if they are telling the truth. Steer clear of any medium that offers a few free readings, but to get the deal you have to tell them who you have lost and the tragic story of why you deserve the free reading! There are some fake mediums who give free readings, but this is not done out of the goodness of their heart. This is to convince you that they are the real deal.

“A mediumship reading can be a hugely emotional experience which can make you feel vulnerable. It’s a medium’s job to give you comfort and evidence that your loved one is around you, so that you can heal and move on with your life. Spirit does not give mediums negative information to pass on. If they tell you that your loved one doesn’t like your new boyfriend, or you are going to die, this is a massive warning sign that you are being conned. This medium is trying to make you feel that only they have the answer to your problems. Mediums also do not talk in strange voices.

“If a medium asks you ANY questions before or during a reading it’s best to end the reading there and then. A bona fide medium will not ask you who you have lost or ask any questions. Not one single word or any feedback should be given while the medium is working. The information you receive should be factual, and specific and meaningful only to you. Once the medium has finished channelling, you can talk to the medium about your reading. It's always nice to know the significance of the information given. Do please remember that even trustworthy mediums can get things wrong from time to time. Be realistic about the information given and do not make it fit.

“Genuine mediums will tell you that giving readings is not like picking up a phone for a chat. It takes a lot of concentration and is physically, mentally and emotionally demanding. For this reason, real deal mediums will only give so many readings per day. If someone is giving a LOT of readings per day ask yourself where are they getting their information from.

“Finally, be wary of any medium that has their head so far up their own backside a good surgeon couldn't remove it! Mediums are not special. We are human just like you.”

Trudi is an exceptional natural medium who is in high demand


"Thank-you for an amazing reading!! Things no one else would know and so specific!! Such a lovely lady too"

Shanel Applewhaite

"Trudi is a fantastic medium and teacher, she has a very unique way of teaching, but she gets results"

Barbara Phoenix

"Once again thankyou so much for friday Trudi and sharing your special gift with me"

Michael Fabian