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Reading accuracy rate is an impressive 98%


Why mediumship?

A mediumship reading can be a hugely emotional experience

Affectionately known as the tattooed medium, Trudi Evans is a remarkably gifted spirit medium who communicates with spirits telepathically via feeling, sensing, symbols and visual impressions. During a spiritual reading Trudi connects with the higher frequencies in the spirit realm to receive clear and direct messages from loved ones on the other side.

When Trudi has connected with you, during a private reading, the factual information that she receives comes fast and furious. The information makes little sense to her, as the details are specific and personal only to you. Sometimes she may give you information that doesn’t resonate with you at the time. You may be given information about your passed loved ones that you never knew, but can hopefully be confirmed by living relatives.

Trudi is an exceptional natural medium who is in high demand

Naturally gifted since childhood, Trudi works as a direct clear channel to bring you genuine messages from the spirit world. She often provides detailed accurate information that has significant meaning for the recipient. Her private reading accuracy rate is an impressive 98%. Trudi has never worked at a spiritualist church or centre without being rebooked.

Talented and sassy, Trudi has a unique approach to mediumship. Although she spent much of her childhood learning the basics of spirit communication with her invisible friend (who she eventually discovered was her spirit guide), she didn’t fully accept her abilities until she was in her 30s. Trudi had such an amazing and life changing experience, whilst living in a house with a number of other people, that she was left in no doubt that spirit existed. This story is so bizarre and horrific that the popular magazine Take A Break Fate & Fortune made Trudi their lead story in the January 2018 issue.

Her exceptional skills have earned her the reputation of being one of the very few spirit mediums in the UK that gives factual information without requiring any feedback from the person receiving the reading. Trudi’s open, honest and sincere approach to readings has brought clarity, comfort, hope and healing to thousands of people. She teaches workshops on psychic development and mediumship, and spends a great deal of her personal time doing charity work for animals. Trudi also devotes time and energy to giving private readings to those in need, who are on very low income.


Trudi, the tattooed medium, lives in County Durham, North East of England, with her three adorable dogs.


"Thank-you for an amazing reading!! Things no one else would know and so specific!! Such a lovely lady too"

Shanel Applewhaite

"Trudi is a fantastic medium and teacher, she has a very unique way of teaching, but she gets results"

Barbara Phoenix

"Once again thankyou so much for friday Trudi and sharing your special gift with me"

Michael Fabian

Just had a beautiful reading with Trudi...my relatives came through and there was no doubt who they were... the information Trudi gave me from them was amazing and she could not have been more right.. if you want to connect with a departed loved one then medium Trudi is the perfect person to come to

Kay Stimpson